Designed by Dr Annemarie Lombard, the Sensory Matrix™ measures all the sensory systems (smell/taste, visual, touch, auditory, movement and multisensory) for adolescents and adults, to determine an individual’s neurological thresholds and resultant responses for each system. Based on the results, strategies are aligned to guide individuals towards optimising their work space and using the best stress management tools for their unique profile.

Someone with low auditory thresholds, for example, needs to work in a quieter corner and turn down ringer volumes on phones. They will excel in small groups where detail orientated tasks are performed.

We unpack all the sensory systems for individuals and provide practical and easy strategies to improve daily function.

What is the Sensory Matrix™?

The Sensory Matrix™ is used as a performance guidance tool to assist individuals towards learning what type of environmental input to increase and what to decrease for greater success in the workplace, at home and in social settings.

Prior to any staff training and development workshop, individuals complete their profiles online for use during the workshop.

A Sensory Matrix™ report contains the following

  • Sensory Intelligence® background and terminology
  • Sensory System Score results
  • Accumulative score results
  • An interpretation of results for work environments
  • Recommendations on regulating responses for work environments
  • “Sensory snacks’’ and “sensory diets’’ (activities for regulation and success)
  • Sensory ergonomics (environmental adaptations for regulation and success)


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