What is Senses on Call™ E-Profiling?

Senses on Call™ is an innovative, unique, and cost-effective recruitment and management tool for the contact centre industry to select best-fit and sustainable agents and team leaders. It uses the science and art of matching potential staff to the unique and sensory overloaded contact centre environment. It ensures you employ the best-fit agents who will be efficient and happy in their positions to strengthen your brand, delight your customers and build your business.


How does it work?

Developed as an online tool with access gained via a unique code, it only takes 15 minutes to complete and generates an immediate report based on 60 non-leading, standardised and validated questions. These reports are designed to be easy to understand, user-friendly and do not require onsite assistance or interpretation from Sensory Intelligence® Consulting.


Why should you use it?

We believe that contact centres are incurring unnecessary financial losses through the high staff turnover commonly associated with the industry. A start-up agent usually costs the industry at least R80 000.00 over a 3-month period considering their seat cost, initial training and salary. This is not taking into account loss of sales, replacement cost, absenteeism and poor performance. It therefore makes sense to ensure upfront that the best-fit candidates are selected.

The Senses on Call™ tool has scientifically shown to be valid and reliable, can be applied fairly to all employees, is not biased against any employee or group, and thus falls within the parameters of the Employment Equity Act, South Africa, 1998.


The benefits

  • Select and retain the best-fit agents who can sustain the contact centre environment
  • Allocate the existing agent pool optimally to available positions, by matching them with their best-fit roles
  • Reduce absenteeism and attrition
  • Ensure high motivation and performance
  • Reduce risks
  • Save Time and Money


A Senses on Call™ report contains the following:

  • Background on sensory suitability
  • A visual distribution graph comparing the candidate scores versus best-fit scores
  • A single suitability rating indicating whether the person is fit for the industry
  • A rating indicating best-fit roles for the individual in the following positions within the call centre:
    • Collections
    • Service
    • Back Office
    • Hot Seat
    • Quality Assurance
    • Homeworking
    • Sales: Outbound
    • Sales: Inbound
    • Data Capturing
    • Team Leaders
    • Email and Web Chat

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