Based on her PhD, which focused on the relationship between sensory profiles, performance, absenteeism and attrition in South African contact centres, Dr Annemarie Lombard and her team fully understand the importance of our sensory systems on how we work – especially in contact centres. The following obstacles may seem impossible to overcome, but the solution is much simpler than anticipated and lies in one of the most basic processes in the brain, namely sensory processing.

  • Lack of energy and focus leading to people not applying themselves
  • Poor performance and targets not being met
  • High stress levels and health related issues
  • High absenteeism
  • Poor customer service and satisfaction
  • Team leaders not equipped to deal with operational as well as people demands
  • Generational differences and conflict
  • High training and induction costs
  • High attrition
  • 60-70% of overall costs are staff related expenses

Sensory Intelligence® Products and Services for Contact Centres include:


Select one of the following, or a combination of services to transform your business into a productive, healthy and happy place to work:

People Development

Sensory Audits
Out-of-the-box solutions to optimise workspace

– Improve focus, attention, creativity and productivity while reducing unnecessary distractions
– Reduce absenteeism and sick leave by reducing stress and health risks
– Improve staff morale and employee loyalty


Senses on Call:
A scientific method to select, manage and optimise people

– Understand agents’ sensory thresholds and learn how to manage them best, building an energised and productive agent pool
– Reduce the exorbitant, yet often hidden costs of attrition, absenteeism and poor performance
– Save time and money, by recruiting the right person, the first time

People Development

Interactive workshops for executive leaders:
Think, plan and act differently

Enhance leadership skills with a deeper understanding of people behaviour and space optimisation
– Increase productivity and maximise profitability
– Establish world-class contact centres that are conducive to best performance and wellness of staff

People Development

Interactive workshops for team leaders
Empower team leaders to better manage, motivate and engage with agents

Understand the behaviors and habits of self and others to engage, communicate and lead effectively
– Create a work milieu that is positive, supportive and successful where agents can thrive
– Manage own energy, stress and performance levels effectively and learn how to impart these skills to agents

People Development

Power Hour for contact centre agents
Puzzle pieces to peak performance

Improve self-awareness to be more empowered and motivated
– Reduce distractions and boost attention, focus and performance
– Increase sales and customer satisfaction

People Development

Coaching for teams and individual
Unlock the power and potential in people

Increase performance and productivity
– Improve business relationships
– Increase the potential and personal capacity of people

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