Realities in the education world of today:

  • The world we live in is changing rapidly and so is the way that children are growing up.
  • Teachers and parents are raising children that have a vastly different childhood experience to their own.
  • Through the advancements of technology, endless information and busy schedules the children of today are not always coping.
  • Children today have overloaded schedules, lagging concentration levels and unique learning styles.
  • Teachers are faced with limited resources in coping with the added deadlines and pressure and are often stressed and exhausted.

We use our specialist knowledge, based on neuroscience, to empower parents and teachers to implement practical, simplistic, effective, yet powerful sensory strategies that really work and make a difference. The purpose of our workshops is to enable all children to develop into well-adapted, positive and healthy individuals.



Teacher Training Workshops

We offer teacher-training workshops focusing on the value of the senses towards achieving focus for children as well as teaching strategies.  Our workshops are facilitated by a group of dedicated registered occupational therapists with extensive knowledge on child development, learning and sensory integration.

Teacher Training 1

Stress strategies for teachers
Sensory profiling, self-awareness and strategies to cope best with overload and stress

– Help teachers to better understand their own sensory thresholds
– Help teachers to manage their daily pressure and stress better
– Insights and easy tools to make teaching fun

Teacher Training  2

Diversity and individuality within your classroom
Sensory profiling as a tool to understand children in your classroom

– Understand the reality and benefits of different types of learners
– Understand the different sensory profiles of children the classroom
– Understand the best self-regulation strategies for each learner, based on their sensory profile

Teacher Training 3

Creating space for stress-free learning
Easy and simple adaptations to make classrooms learner-friendly

– Use all the senses in their teaching to improve children’s learning experiences
– Identify sensory overload and stress levels within your classroom and its impact on learning
– Make minor adjustments to make the classroom calmer and more conducive for learning

Teacher Training 4

Concentration secrets for the classroom
Sensory strategies to keep children calm, focused and ready to learn

– Understand all aspects of concentration and why it is so important in today’s classrooms
– Learn how to apply the senses to improve focus, attention and concentration
– Understand the fundamental role that movement plays in facilitating the learning process

Teacher Training 5

Dealing with ADHD in the classroom
Empowering teachers to understand and manage attention problems

– Better understand the ADHD/ADD child and why it is becoming more prevelant
– Medication versus sensory strategies – understand the pros and cons of both
– How to structure the classroom and learning approaches to help them learn better

Teacher Training 6

Getting to grips with learning problems
Insights and strategies to help children who learn differently

– Easy tips and tools to boost reading and literacy
– Easy tips and tools to boost maths and numbers
– Easy tips and tools to help children improve their handwriting skills

Teacher Training 7

Sensory play for pre-schoolers
Preparing young children for optimal learning

– Understand the impact of modern day living on child development
– Identify the impact that sensory play and multi-sensory stimulation has on learning
– A teacher’s sensory play guide – what is needed more and what is needed less?

Teacher Training 8

Dealing with overcrowded classrooms
Easy brain tips and tools to help teachers lead and impact the classroom best

– Teaching realities in South Africa – understand that you are not alone
– Self-care for teachers – how to start every teaching day correctly
– Using the senses to reach every child – stop, look, listen and learn

Teacher Training 9

Sensory Intelligence® and Autism
Understand the sensory side to autism and what to do to make their learning and living easier

– Understand sensory processing as a core problem area for autism spectrum disorders
– Understand how sensory overload contribute to disruptive behaviour
– Gain sensory insights and sensory tips for better behaviour, concentration and learning

Parent Workshops

We are passionate about empowering parents to help their children. We take complex problems and simplify them into easy and practical solutions that make sense.  Our workshops are interactive and facilitated by skilled and competent therapists or educators who are parents themselves:

We offer the following Power Hour workshops for parents on request:

  • Healthy habits for parents – surviving the 21st century
    How to get the basics right to ensure both you and your child cope best
  • Guilt-free family relationships
    Sensory profiling that will ensure you understand and manage the different needs and wants in your home best
  • Why do so many children have ADHD?
    Understand the concentration puzzle and what you as a parent can do to help?
  • Why do so many children need Occupational Therapy (OT)?
    What is impacting children’s learning and development today and everything that you as a parent should know?
  • Coping with stress for kids
    Stress and anxiety  –  helping our kids to cope with pressure and demands
  • Survival kit for your fussy child
    Insights and easy solutions to tackle sleeping, dressing and eating issues
  • Technology – friend or foe?
    Learn how to use technology to support and not ruin our children’s health, development and social skills
  • Healthy habits for children
    Practical guidance to make the best sport and activity choices for your child based on their sensory needs

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“As a pre-school teacher, these workshops have given me wonderful insight into the children in my class.”
‘’Thank you very much for your help and for all your work in this field, I think people REALLY need work like yours to be as visible as possible. Sensory Intelligence® makes the most ‘sense’ by far and its effects are so very far reaching…’’
Hayley Moore


“I have personally done this course with my husband and we are really grateful that Annemarie designed and presented the course – it has given us an insight into our child, and also each other. Our family has most definitely benefited from this!”
Lorraine Gregg, Mother
“I found the workshop extremely informative. If you want to be a part of your sensory child’s life, this course is essential. Thank you Annemarie.”
Murray Wilson, Father