Occupational therapist
Special Focus Areas:
Sensory Profiling and consulting for individuals and groups,
Sensory approach to health and wellness in the corporate environment

T: 083 948 3628
E: idadoyer@mweb.co.za
Areas: Johannesburg – Sandton, Gauteng

Ida has been working in the field of paediatric sensory integration since qualifying in 1998 as an Occupational Therapist. To her, sensory integration is the most powerful and addictive tool to achieve emotional and social wellbeing. Owning a thriving private practice for almost 15 years has embedded a daily sense of awe for Ida regarding powerful bottom-up sensory strategies in both the individual and group setting.

She completed a Mphil in Industrial Psychology in 2005 and has always been interested in working in adult mental health and corporate wellness. Overwhelmed and stressed parents as well as adolescent siblings of children seen in her practice are often on the verge of burn-out and have benefitted from sensory profiling and sensory self-management.

Her own bottom up strategies include napping, training, spicy foods, her well-worn track suit with a hot water bottle, as well as vigilantly guarding her need for silence at the end of a long day.

Ida believes that we all need the empowering wisdom of understanding our unique sensory profiles.

“If anything makes me tick, it is to establish meaningful relationships and equipping people to self-regulate and function at full throttle; and having fun while they’re at it.”