Self-care that works for your sensory system

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Last weekend we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday. A group of us were sitting around the fire, chatting and listening to music when the soundtrack to La Vie en Rose started playing. Everyone quietened down as [...]

Love like Papa Smurf

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As a youngster growing up in the 80’ies, I loved watching The Smurfs on TV. We were allowed only a limited amount of screen time, so you had to prioritise… and The Smurfs always made [...]

The best diet for 2019

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Everyone’s talking diets.   We’re talking sensory diets (and snacks)   I’m pretty sure that after the festive season the words ‘snacks’ and ‘diets’ are on everyone’s lips (no pun intended!). Today we want to introduce [...]

Work-Life Balance for 2019

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One of my favourite YouTube videos must be Mark Gungor’s description of the difference between men's and women's brains. In his very entertaining demeanour, he explains how men tend to store their thoughts and experiences [...]


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   Year end functions                 Budgeting                           Christmas shopping                         [...]

Use your Senses and Keep Calm

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Sensory Tips to Survive the Festive Season   This time of the year can be a connecting, magical, fun, overwhelming, frustrating, restful and hilariously crazy time! Today we want to give you some tips to [...]