Work-Life Balance for 2019

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One of my favourite YouTube videos must be Mark Gungor’s description of the difference between men's and women's brains. In his very entertaining demeanour, he explains how men tend to store their thoughts and experiences [...]


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   Year end functions                 Budgeting                           Christmas shopping                         [...]

Use your Senses and Keep Calm

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Sensory Tips to Survive the Festive Season   This time of the year can be a connecting, magical, fun, overwhelming, frustrating, restful and hilariously crazy time! Today we want to give you some tips to [...]

Keep it calm during exam time

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The end of the year is synonymous with exam time. Whether a child is in grade 4 or in grade 12, exam stress is very real and very common. Children are under great pressure to [...]

Sensory guidelines to choosing your 2019 diary

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Last week I came to the shocking realisation that I already need a diary for 2019.  After a few minutes of contemplating how time flies, I made a plan to go to the mall after [...]

MAMA (in)Sanity

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'Mama' is one of the most wonderful, fear-filled, rewarding and selfless titles one will ever earn.  I recently earned this title for the THIRD time and feel truly blessed!  But with this blessing came a [...]