45% of people like to walk barefoot. Are you one?

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Imagine yourself walking barefoot in a lush, green garden. The sun is shining warmly on your back and there is a gentle breeze teasing your hair. Now imagine the feeling of soft, moist grass between [...]

49% of people like rollercoasters. Are you one?

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As a child, I remember visiting the amusement park at the Rand Easter show with my family. We were very excited at the prospect of going on “The Big Dipper”. In those years it was [...]

Searching for your perfect match

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During a recent visit with a single, forty-something friend of mine, the following question came up during our discussions (as I knew it would… as it always does…): “When you met your future husband, did [...]

Sensory hacks to beat stress

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Today we are talking about the BIG S-WORD. The one we all know very well. The one we all experience at some time or another. The one we can’t escape. Yes, I’m talking about stress. [...]

Sensory play is learning

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Play is the universal language of all children. Play is essential to human and brain development, creativity and it is the foundation to all learning in life. All areas of a child’s growth - social, [...]

Your sensory guide to choosing the right restaurant

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Have you ever been to a restaurant and things just didn’t feel right? Or you feel more stressed when you leave than you did when you walked in? Or you change tables 3 times and [...]