Autism and the Senses

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April marks Autism Awareness month. All around the world famous landmarks have been lit up with blue lights, a great way for the world to notice that Autism is real, it impacts more people than [...]

Benefits of Reading with Kids: Tips to help kids to read

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Parenthood is wonderful – the fun and joy that a child brings is unlike any other experience in life. It also brings with it many responsibilities, like feeding and clothing your child. Sometimes, though, fun [...]


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Each person has a sensory threshold. That is, there is only so much sensory input that one can handle before one feels overwhelmed and out of control. The lower one’s threshold is, the quicker one [...]

Easy tips for happy holidays

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Summer is here and schools are out, and every one is ready to have a summer holiday. At this time of the year, most people are ready to shut the door on the year that has [...]

Reducing Teacher Stress and Burnout

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With just over 8 weeks to go to the end of the school year, teachers are heading into a very stressful and emotional time. Teacher burnout, which happens due to stress and mental fatigue happening [...]

Strategies for calm and focused classrooms

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The ability to remain focused on a particular activity for a required amount of time is no mean feat. Classrooms especially are busy and noisy environments, which lead to many distractions.   Stuart Shanker (a [...]