Keep life simple… like Africans do

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My husband and I are campers and explorers. We love travelling through our own and neighbouring countries and prefer to take the roads less travelled when doing so. There’s an unspoken understanding between inhabitants of [...]

Holidaying in Tokyo when you’re sensory sensitive

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A week ago my husband and I came back from our holiday in Japan. My mind is still swirling with crazy, busy, colourful, noisy, fantastical images. Tokyo is another world filled with lights, sounds and [...]

Children’s work is to play

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On the 1st of May, countries worldwide celebrated Worker’s Day. This public holiday was first introduced in 1891 and South Africa has been joining in since 1994. This annual “day off”, also known as May [...]

Calm down and call your Sensory Intelligence® OT

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Have you ever wondered what makes Sensory Intelligence® Consulting’s services different from other wellness interventions? Read on ...   What makes Sensory Intelligence® Consulting different? Our world is getting more complex by the day: our [...]

Did chewing gum help Tiger Woods win his 5th Master’s title?

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At Sensory Intelligence® Consulting, we have always had a special interest in promoting effective learning in schools, improving wellness and productivity in corporate businesses & call centres and helping individuals to live a balanced, healthy [...]

Why parents need Sensory Intelligence®

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I have been working as an occupational therapist in a clinical setting for the past 20 years. Although the hands-on part of my work involves individual therapy with children, I have learnt over the years [...]