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Holidaying in Tokyo when you’re sensory sensitive

A week ago my husband and I came back from our holiday in Japan. My mind is still swirling with crazy, busy, colourful, noisy, fantastical images. Tokyo is another world filled with lights, sounds and constant sensory input.   In the wonderful world of Sensory Intelligence®, we use the analogy of a tree to depict [...]

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Special focus areas: Adult and Adolescent Mental Health T: 011 421 3190 E: Areas: Benoni, Johannesburg Keri-Lee Roebert and Nadia Joubert head up their team of dedicated Occupational Therapists to ensure quality intervention aimed at individual needs.   Occupational therapy is carried out in individual and group therapy settings [...]

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Coping with Voting

Voting day is upon us!   For all South Africans eligible to vote (i.e. older than 18 and in possession of an ID book/card), 8 May 2019 is a very important date.  This is the day when you have a political voice as you get to choose your homeland’s future as one of the 26 [...]

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