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Why parents need Sensory Intelligence®

I have been working as an occupational therapist in a clinical setting for the past 20 years. Although the hands-on part of my work involves individual therapy with children, I have learnt over the years that a child cannot be treated in isolation. The importance of family members and dynamics must always be taken into [...]

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Why I need Sensory Intelligence®. How about you?

It was one of those crazy mornings. I had very little sleep the night before, back-to-back clients booked, a ton of admin waiting for me, and when I arrived at the office the discovery of a drenched floor. The rain from the previous evening had highlighted massive cracks in the wall that suddenly needed urgent [...]

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Why your office needs Sensory Intelligence®

Allow me to paint you a picture. You are sitting at your desk in your open plan office. Your one colleague is on the phone, trying to communicate something to a client in a loud, insistent voice. On the other side your boss is standing next to your desk, explaining something over your shoulder to [...]

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The ethics of trademarks and copyright

“Sensory Intelligence” started in my head in 2000 when I returned to South Africa after living in the USA for 3 years. After loads of thinking, reading, contemplating and gathering information, I chose the name for my brainchild, opened my bank account and produced my first business cards. Google searches (back in 2002) showed no [...]

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