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Calming anxious kids through sensory play

I consider myself one of the lucky people who experienced a mainly stress-free childhood. Afternoons were filled with valuable fun times spent with friends. After school and (a little bit of) homework, we’d ride our bicycles to the park, play on the slides and swings, climb trees, bake mud cakes, build imaginary castles in the [...]

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77% of people add spice to their food. Are you one?

The way in which we cook and eat is dependent on the senses of taste and smell. Our appreciation (or not) of food is reliant on these senses. It is widely known that if you cannot smell what you are about to eat (due to blocked nodes), food is far less appetising and enjoyable.   [...]

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66% of people don’t want surprise parties. Are you one?

I remember whilst growing up always being so excited for Christmas. Once I found out that Mom was really Santa Claus (spoiler alert), I could not bear waiting for Christmas day to see if I had got what I wished for! I would wait for my Mom to leave her bedroom, sneak in, find something [...]

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41% of people avoid crowds. Are you one?

Are you the kind of person who likes to spend time alone? Or do you crave to be around people for the most part of your day?   We all have different sensory thresholds – some high, some low. This means that we can take more, or less sensory input before becoming drained, irritable or [...]

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