Through extensive research and clinical experience, we have developed our e-profiling platform over a number of years. By completing an online sensory assessment, you will have a better understanding of your Sensory Intelligence®, in other words how the world around you affects you from a sensory point of view.
Contact centres are one of the fastest growing industries globally and are traditionally competitive, busy and a sensory overloaded environment. The targets, noise and stress make it a highly demanding place to work. Our mission is to move away from old paradigms and rethink the way we look at contact centres
The reality of today is that the working world has become a chaotic environment, filled with endless meetings, overflowing inboxes and pressure driven deadlines. Our frustrations have led to a high level of disengagement, breakdown in relationships and a destructive team environment.
The world we live in is changing rapidly and so is the way that children are growing up. Teachers and parents are raising children that have a vastly different childhood experience to their own. Through the advancements of technology, endless information and busy schedules the children of today are not always coping.

Use the 7 senses to work, learn and live best

We simplify sensory neuroscience through practical, easy and cost-effective methods to improve productivity, learning and relationships.


Sensory Intelligence® Consulting has 3 core focus areas:

  • Senses on Call – E-Profiling, workshops and sensory audits for the contact centre industry
  • Senses at Work – E-Profiling, workshops and sensory audits for corporate companies
  • Senses in Education – E-profiling, workshops and consults for parents and teachers

Our world is getting more complex by the day, with our senses being bombarded from all directions. This overstimulation has affected our productivity more than we realise.  We are seeing high levels of disengagement within work teams and families.  


We want to change this through insights of how the human brain processes sensory messages. We promote self-understanding and assist individuals to increase their performance, concentration and incorporate wellness strategies to be more healthy and balanced. Our e-profiling products and workshops provide simple, yet powerful insights, resulting in a better understanding of each other in order to work together in a cohesive manner and boost productivity and teamwork.  


We are unique in that we provide neuroscience and researched methodology to optimise people and space. We focus on environments and how they influence us daily. We consider the lower, intuitive and unconscious part of how the brain works and how it influences our behaviour and performance. Most other service providers use a cognitive, upper brain level approach.


Dr Annemarie Lombard is the Founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting, has a PhD in Health Sciences (UCT) and is a registered Occupational Therapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Read her full profile or view her blog.

Client Profile

I just completed an AMAZING course on Sensory Intelligence. We are so not aware of our sensory thresholds and the influence it has on our work/ relationships. It is a great tool to help people understand themselves and their (subconscious) reaction to their environment. Watch this space! Annemarie Lombard you are exceptional and doing ground-breaking work for humanity!
Leonie Jordaan, CEO, Cresco Consulting
I have used the Profiles in my Women Leadership Programme. I find that the Sensory Intelligence adds to the Women Leaders, and additional layer of Self-knowledge, and they use the knowledge for creating an environment that replenishes, not depletes them. The women’s favourite part is the Sensory Snacks. They love that now they have permission for “me time” that is more informed, and empowering.
Queen Ramotsehoa
Sensory intelligence has opened my eyes to the impact one’s environment can have on your stress levels, your interaction with others and your perseverance in your workplace. It has given me a new way to look at my clients and my own life. I find this approach incredibly helpful. Once you’ve done the course, this way of thinking becomes part of your life!
Karlien du Preez
Thank you for the wonderful workshop, Annemarie. It was awesome to walk into the staffroom the next day and hear an excited buzz as teachers relayed some of your ideas to their fellow colleagues! Many thanks for your inspirational ideas and wonderful impact you have on education!
Claire Fuller, Director - Academic Support, Northlands Primary School, Durban
Thank you for all you have done – your approach has been revolutionary.
The impact the sensory intelligence has already had on the team has been remarkable. The team has completely moved themselves around and seated themselves according to the place which is most conducive to their profile.
One of my managers came to me the other day and said – I no longer have to work at night anymore – I am getting through all my work during the day as my productivity has increased by 25%. Amazing. She is so much happier and energised. Simple things – yet so powerful.
Alex Wise, Partner, Deloitte & Touche
This is a “must have” course to do. You learn more about yourself, how you operate, what your limits are and to take care of yourself. You definitely can prevent health problems
PH Rademeyer, Chief Underwriter, Sanlam New Business
Annemarie has the natural ability to conceptualise theory and put it into practise. In not being a professional Coach only, but also an Expert on Sensory Intelligence, she has the advantage to practically understand the differences within working groups and the individuals within such groups. Various differences amongst individuals / teams within a particular work environment we as Leaders or Managers need to deal with on a daily basis, but not always understand, in order to cultivate the required results. Annemarie quietly listens, easily interprets and implements in order to meet our needs. A great experience not just for her, but everybody she engages with.
Francois Du Preez, Nedbank Corporate Property Finance
Thank you Annemarie for the very insightful workshop on the impact of an environment’s sensory stimuli on a call centre employee’s well-being and performance. We will certainly use and apply these learnings in our environment.
Terri Miller, Organisational Behaviour Specialist, Webhelp SA
We recently had the pleasure of being participants in a Sensory Intelligence workshop, Neuroscience of Focus, Energy and Time. The mix of roles and personalities in our team is diverse and we operate in a highly deadline driven business with the result that we do not always consider the effect we have on our colleagues through our behaviours and more specifically an understanding of what type of environment or situation we operate most effectively in.
The workshop was professionally and interactively presented. The team embraced the content and we had many debates around the “ah ha moments”, with the result that we walked away with a stronger understanding of our impact on each other as a team, when we work most optimally and generally a better understanding of our own behaviours.
I would highly recommend Annemarie and Sensory Intelligence to any business or team, their knowledge of their ‘product’ is outstanding and the value we received from only one session is immeasurable.
Karin McGeachie , Afb Group, Loans Executive
Thank you for the fabulous course yesterday. I really find your courses so helpful.
Rosalind van Reenen
Thank you for the great workshop we’ve learnt a lot and are now enthusiastic and recharged again for the rest of the year.
Isabel du Plessis