Director, UK Branch
Mb: +44 (0)7816 673 731

Tania is a registered Occupational Therapist, with over 25 years experience in working with adults and children both locally and internationally.  She has delivered training and consultancy services to individuals and groups, within business, education and health settings.  She is deeply interested in how the processing of sensory information impacts across our lives, affecting both work performance and wellbeing.

While providing education and training to school staff to support children with special educational needs, Tania quickly realised that the strategies she was teaching were being used by the workers in the school and had a much wider application for the general population.  Using her specialist knowledge of sensory integration, Tania began exploring how this primal brain system can be used to improve productivity, performance and staff wellbeing in the world of work.

Tania and Annemarie met in September 2015 while they were both presenting at a European Congress.  It was an instant connection between two like-minded people, who were pioneering new and innovative ideas in this field.  Since this ‘meeting of minds’ they began to explore avenues for possible collaboration, ultimately leading to a business merger.  Tania is delighted to have joined with Sensory Intelligence ® in May 2016 and is now Director of the UK branch.

Hailing from Australia, Tania currently lives with her partner in the beautiful Chilterns area, where she continues to chase that elusive work-life balance…

Registered Occupational Therapist with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC), UK

Professional qualifications:  B App Sc (OT), M App Sc (Health Sciences), University of South Australia

Registered in England and Wales, Company Number 10118553
Head Office – Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom