Target group

  • Progressive organisations that want to revamp current work spaces and/or build new workspaces to be optimal for performance, health, wellness and staff collaboration
  • Clients who want to implement out-of-the-box space solutions aligned with new trends in the world of work
  • Teams moving into new open plan environments that haven’t previously worked together
  • Teams exposed to sensory overload and distractions in open plan offices who struggle with productivity, meeting deadlines and relationships


Outcomes and benefits

  • A working environment that does not only look better but also help people work better
  • Improved focus, attention, creativity and productivity while reducing unnecessary distractions
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick leave through reduced environmental stress and health risks
  • Improved teamwork and collaboration
  • Improved staff morale and employee loyalty
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction


Content and process

  • A needs analysis to understand your business, operations, culture, requirements and growth projections
  • An on-site audit measuring 50 best-practice factors based on neuroscience and human behaviour principles. We categorise the environment according to the sensory systems of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and movement
  • We measure and benchmark workspace against stimuli being alerting, calming, stimulating or overloading and aim to provide you with methods to balance them all
  • Scientifically based, yet practical strategies and sensory ergonomics
  • A comprehensive report with results and recommendations in three central areas
    • Collective space, e.g. floor coverings, lighting, air conditioners
    • Individual space, e.g. personal desk space, dividers, chairs
    • Culture and wellness concepts, e.g. scheduled breaks, rewards & incentives, cafeteria
  • Consultation with stakeholders and initial assistance with implementation strategy