As the thought leader behind Sensory Intelligence®, Dr Annemarie Lombard has revolutionised training and development, applying groundbreaking and innovative strategies to address some of the biggest problems in the workplace today, namely:

  • Diverse teams that struggle to work together
  • Open plan office environments that are distractive instead of collaborative
  • People who find it difficult to focus and concentrate throughout the day
  • High absenteeism and health-related issues
  • Generational differences and conflict
  • People who battle with work-life balance
  • Low levels of energy and innovation

The Sensory Intelligence® products and services for corporate clients include:


Select one of the following, or a combination of services to transform your business into a productive, healthy and happy place to work:

People Development

Sensory Audits
Out-of-the-box solutions to optimise workspace

Increase productivity
– Decrease absenteeism and retain key staff members
– Build a positive corporate culture


Sensory Matrix™
Understand the interaction between your sensory thresholds and your environment

Increase self-awareness
– Implement effective self-regulation and self-management strategies
– Improve productivity, relationships and health

People Development

Build high-performance teams
Use diversity, dynamics and differences to strengthen organisations from within

– Improve team performance and engagement
– Build cohesive and positive team relationships
– Improve operational and strategic output

People Development

The key to open plan office productivity
Understand and optimise the balance between collaboration and distraction

Reduce distractions and improve collaboration
– Adapt open plan seating for higher productivity and less distraction
– Work better and more productively for longer periods of time

People Development

The neuroscience relationship between focus, energy and time
Simple, yet fundamental strategies for high performance

Improve attention, focus and concentration as key factors of productivity
Identify and use energy levels and fluctuations to align with targets and pressure
– Understand time as an external factor and learn how to work with what you have

People Development

Sense of wellness
Corporate wellness and resilience through sensory neuroscience

Reduce absenteeism
– Lessen the financial burden of illness, incapacity or disability
– Build a healthy and productive workforce

People Development

Work-life balance and parenting made easy for working moms

– Create insight, confidence and competence for both the parenting and working roles while reducing unnecessary guilt
– Reduce stress and absenteeism
– Manage time and energy best

People Development

Creative strategies for innovation
Release thinking to solve complex business problems

Increase creative and innovative thinking
– Identify solutions to business problems
– Raise the competitive edge of your business to outsmart competitors

People Development

Coaching for teams and individuals
Unlock the potential and power in people

– Increase performance and productivity
Improve business relationships
Increase the potential and personal capacity in people

For more information on any of the above products and services, please send us a mail.