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Target group:

  • Teams who are under pressure with deadlines and targets and need consistent high performance
  • Teams who work in open plan office environments where many distractions occur
  • Teams who want to find a work-life balance


Outcomes and benefits:

  • Improve self-awareness to identify how focus and energy are unique and different for each person
  • Reduce distractions and boost attention, focus and concentration by using strategies that apply to each person’s individual neuroscience make-up
  • Understand varying energy levels and learn how to align it with daily pressure and targets
  • Understand time as an external factor and learn how to use it best
  • Improve performance, productivity, health, wellness and work-life balance



  • How does the brain work – stimulation through the 7 senses
  • IQ, EQ and Sensory Intelligence® – differences and collaboration of brain parts for performance
  • The Sensory Matrix™ – a personal blueprint to identify sensory distractions, stressors and drivers for each person
  • The Sensory Tree™ – easy analogy to compare roots, trunks and leaves to sensory thresholds and how it impacts on focus, energy and time
  • Understanding attention, focus and concentration – 3 fundamental parts of performance
  • Match alert levels with tasks – doing the right things at the right times without being overloaded
  • Energy balance sheet – finding the balance between energy credits and debits
  • Take 5: Time tips and habits – how to make the best use of the time available
  • Take 5: Self-regulation – easy, practical tips to maintain focus and energy

*Dates & themes are subject to change, but we will at all times endeavour to accommodate our clients.


Online bookings close on 14 February 2018.
Please contact should you wish to book for the workshop after this date, or if you do not want to book online. Please note that there is an admin fee of R50 for all bookings done after the cut-off date or via e-mail.



Date(s) - Thursday, February 15, 2018

9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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*Cancellation policy appliesSensory Intelligence® Consulting reserves the right to cancel a workshop should there not be enough applicants with a full refund to participants.