Target group:

  • Working mothers who want to be best at both working and parenting
  • Women in leadership positions who have high-pressure careers amidst family responsibilities
  • Working mothers who wish they had more time and less guilt


Outcomes and benefits:

  • Increase self-awareness and confidence as a working mother
  • Understand the basics of child development and how little children actually require to be healthy and happy
  • Create insight, confidence and competence for both the parenting and working roles
  • Take ownership of personal needs and get rid of “working-mother-guilt”
  • Get a good grip on time, be less stressed and have more energy
  • Make work-life balance a daily routine
  • Be more present, resilient and productive at work



  • The realities of a working mother
  • It’s all in the brain: understanding emotion, attention and behaviour at work and at home
  • The Sensory Matrix™: a unique blueprint to understand parenting and operational styles
  • Discipline and boundaries – why and how this makes life easier for all
  • Technology: friend or foe?
  • Work-life balance for working mothers?
    • What about me?  
    • Guilt – the useless emotion – how to get rid of it
    • Time, intuition and rhythm – daily routines to make work-life balance real and possible
    • Savvy stress management tips and tools
  • The 20 life changing parenting tips

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Date(s) - Thursday, May 17, 2018

9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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