Target group

  • Teams and individuals that are on a path of self-discovery, learning and development
  • People who want to be more connected with themselves, their colleagues, family and environments
  • People who want to understand their personal stressors and drivers and how to apply it daily to work with more ease, energy and less stress
  • People who want to understand which work and home environments work best based on their unique sensory thresholds
  • People experiencing conflict based on personal differences
  • People who want to know in what type of work they will naturally function best
  • Anyone who is scheduled for one of our training workshops


 Outcomes and benefits

  • Increase self-awareness by providing a unique blueprint for each individual on their sensory systems and thresholds and how they unconsciously respond to the environment
  • Understand what, when and how things work or don’t work and how to apply these insights into life in general
  • Improve productivity by offering guidance towards better management of stress, time and energy
  • Promote health and wellness, by creating awareness of negative stressors and positive energy drivers
  • Lessen judgement and improve acceptance of individual differences in order to improve relationships


Content and Process

  • Unique passwords for online profiling are set up by our internal IT team and dispatched for use
  • After completing the online Sensory Matrix™ an 8-9 page report is generated and emailed to the client
  • The report is an interpretation of an individual’s sensory profile, identifying and explaining key strategy areas to make the sensory thresholds for individuals practical and user-friendly.
  • Self-regulation (immediate self control);
  • Sensory diets (lifestyle activities);
  • Sensory ergonomics (environmental modifications)
  • The results and insights are then implemented for further learning through workshops and/or coaching.

*Dates & themes are subject to change, but we will at all times endeavour to accommodate our clients



Date(s) - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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*Cancellation policy appliesSensory Intelligence® Consulting reserves the right to cancel a workshop should there not be enough applicants with a full refund to participants.