Target group:

  • Teams that work under constant pressure, exposed to deadlines, targets and high-quality delivery
  • Teams that work under constant stress with increased health risks
  • Teams where high absenteeism and illnesses are reported


Outcomes and benefits:

  • Better understand the effects of stress and pressure on the brain and learn easy strategies to cope best
  • Increase resilience and engagement levels
  • Reduce illness occurrence and absenteeism
  • Lessen the financial burden of illness, absenteeism, incapacity and/or disability
  • Build a healthy and productive workforce



  • Global stress statistics and its impact on health and productivity
  • IQ, EQ and Sensory Intelligence® – understand the neuroscience of the senses, the work environment and stress
  • The Sensory Matrix™ – a personal blueprint to identify sensory distractions and the drivers impacting on focus, energy and stress
  • The Sensory Tree™ – a user-friendly analogy to plot your brain stressors and brain calmers
  • Sensory overload, stress and shutdown – understand how and why the brain responds
  • The stress robot – going from green to red – make stress practical
  • Hijacking of the thinking brain – the influence of stress on cortical thinking and doing
  • Connection to yourself and others – building resilience – what, how and why
  • Strategies to be more resilient, focused and calm
    • Unplug & digital detox – a must for survival
    • Self-regulation strategies – the top 5 brain regulators using a bottom-up rather approach
    • Sensory diets – aligning lifestyle activities to fit your profile in your personal life
    • Sensory diets for organizations – ideal work environments and culture for health
    • Quality time – taking a different view on time
    • Healthy habits to take ownership and improve the quality of your relationships, life and work 

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9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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