Target group:

  • Teams working in open plan environments that struggle with productivity and meeting deadlines
  • Teams moving into new open plan environments
  • New teams starting to work together in open plan offices


Outcomes and benefits:

  • Match individuals to the best possible seating according to their different sensory thresholds
  • Reduce distractions to improve focus and productivity
  • Optimise workspace and workflow
  • Boost teamwork and team cohesion with faster actions and project completion
  • Improve staff morale and retention



  • The brain and the 7 senses in open plan spaces
  • IQ, EQ and Sensory Intelligence® – how it works hierarchically in the brain
  • Sensory Audits™ – open plan office environments from a sensory, neuroscience perspective
  • The Sensory Matrix™ – a personal blueprint for each person to identify unconscious responses to their working environment
  • Sensory distractions and stressors for the brain – what, how and why
    • Sensory overload, stress and shutdown – when things go wrong
  • Sensory drivers for the brain – what, how and why
    • Sensory self-regulation – when things go right
  • The Sensory Tree™ – analogy to understand each person’s responses to open plan working environments
  • The Sensory Tree™ – analogy using team responses for best-fit seating
  • Sensory ergonomics for open plan office spaces

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Date(s) - Wednesday, March 7, 2018

9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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