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Gerald Maidens


Target group
Teachers, classroom facilitators, school-based therapists, education support staff.



  • Understand all aspects of concentration and why it is so important in today’s classrooms.
  • Learn how to apply the senses in order to influence focus, attention and concentration.
  • Teach and implement the brain-alert concepts for teachers to empower children to self-regulate and organise themselves.
  • Identify the fundamental role that movement plays in facilitating the learning process and attention.
  • Move – focus – learn; how to make sure that learning in the classroom is optimal and consistent.
  • Practical ways to incorporate movement into the daily classroom routine.
  • Put it into practice: The sensory secrets to a calm and contained classroom.


  • Concentration terminology (arousal levels, alert/engine levels, attention, focus, concentration) explained.
  • Optimum arousal levels = optimum concentration – how does this work?
  • How and why children regulate and concentrate differently.
  • “How fast is your engine running?”- a simple analogy to use to make children aware of their level of arousal.
  • Self-regulation – how to get to the “just right”/optimum arousal level in the brain.
  • Alerting and calming – how do we activate or calm the brain through sensory stimuli?
  • Bottom-up versus top-down regulation – why and how children respond better to a bottom-up approach.
  • The top 5 sensory self-regulators that are effective and easy to implement.
  • Approaches to use with children who have more serious concentration problems

Online bookings close on the 8 October 2018.

Please contact should you wish to book for the workshop after this date, or if you do not want to book online. Please note that there is an admin fee of R50 for all bookings done after the cut-off date or via e-mail.



Date(s) - Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2:30 pm - 5:30 pm


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*Cancellation policy appliesSensory Intelligence® Consulting reserves the right to cancel a workshop should there not be enough applicants with a full refund to participants.