Founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting
T: 084 661 1010

Annemarie is the thought leader behind sensory intelligence® which was started as a concept in 2000 and established as a business in 2003. She is a registered Occupational Therapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and practiced for 15 years with children with learning problems before taking the concept to adult learning and development. She is the author of the book “Sensory Intelligence: Why It Matters More Than IQ and EQ”, published by Metz Press, in 2007. Annemarie holds a PhD in Health Sciences (Occupational Therapy), obtained through the University of Cape Town. Her study compared sensory profiles with performance of call centre agents in 4 different call centres in South Africa. She has been published widely across newspaper and magazine print media, has been a guest on various radio programmes and featured on South African television. She is a regular and popular conference speaker.

Annemarie works with a group of expert individuals and affiliates to deliver sensory intelligence® principles across corporate, call centre and education industries. Their services and products include extensive on-line sensory profiling, consulting and workshops for leaders, work teams, contact centre teams, parents, teachers, coaches and wellness practitioners. They also provide sensory audits to assist organisations in optimising space and performance. Sensory intelligence® is fully rooted in neuroscience and brain development and they unpack these complex sciences in a no-nonsense, practical and easy to understand format. Annemarie is truly passionate about people and believes in keeping things simple, being solution focused and practical.

Sensory Intelligence® Consulting won the BPeSA “Best Non-Technical Innovation – External Award” for 2010 for their Senses-on-Call e-profiling tool. BPeSA is a Contact Centre industry organisation. Annemarie won the SACBW Business Woman of the Year Award in the professional category for Cape Town, 2008/9. Sensory Intelligence® Consulting is a registered closed corporation and is BBEEE compliant.

Annemarie is married to Eugene and they have two sons, Lukas and Henrick.