Core Team

Dr Annemarie Lombard
Dr Annemarie LombardFounder and CEO
(+27) 84 661 1010
Annemarie is the thought leader behind sensory intelligence® which was started as a concept in 2000 and established as a business in 2003
Sandra Thompson
Sandra ThompsonAdmin, events and support
(+27) 82 397 3606
Sandra has been Annemarie’s PA and accounts manager since September 2006. Before attending one of Annemarie’s parenting workshops…
Annemarie Cilliers
Annemarie CilliersClient Relationship Manager
(+27) 83 448 8297
After completing her B.Comm Industrial Psychology degree, Annemarie spent 18 years in the corporate world, based in Gauteng.
Tania Barney
Tania BarneyDirector, UK Branch
+44 (0)7816 673 731
Tania is a registered Occupational Therapist, with over 25 years experience in working with adults and children both locally and internationally. She has delivered training and consultancy services to individuals and groups, within business, education and health settings.

Specialist Facilitators – Education

Gerald Maidens
Gerald MaidensSpecialist facilitator for parents and teachers: Gauteng
(+27) 73 923 6479
Gerald is an Occupational Therapist with 13 years’ experience working with children both in South Africa and the UK

Adele de Klerk
Adele de KlerkGauteng Licensee (Education): Gauteng
(+27) 84 2511250
Adele is a registered Psychometrist (Independent Practice). She completed her B COM Industrial Psychology Honors degree and BA Honors in Psychology at the University of Johannesburg
Annabella Sequeira
Annabella SequeiraSpecialist facilitator for parents and teachers: Gauteng
(+27) 84 503 0087
Annabella obtained her B.Sc. (OccTher) degree from the University of Cape Town and graduated in 1993. She has 22 years of experience, having worked in both the public and private sector
Cailyn Sonderup
Cailyn SonderupBlogger
Cailyn is a certified Occupational Therapist (OT) whom recently graduated from Wits University and is a member of the Golden Key Foundation. She completed her community service at Rob Ferreira Hospital, based in Nelspruit.

Licensed Practitioners

Jacqui Edgar
Jacqui EdgarAdult & Adolescent Healthcare
(+27) 72 444 9223
Special focus areas:
Work-life balance, Self-esteem, Adult ADHD, Return-to-Work interventions

Jacqui is an occupational therapist specializing in the assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults with psychiatric conditions.

Carryn Martin
Carryn MartinAdult Healthcare
(+27) 72 858 8083
Special focus areas:
Stress in parents, Sensory processing, Support groups for parents

Carryn is an occupational therapist who is sensory integration certified. She has 6 years experience working in various paediatric environments, including preschools, primary and remedial school environments, as well as her own established private practice.

Estelle Bester
Estelle BesterAdult & Family Healthcare/Career Guidance
082 372 6670
Special focus areas:
Individual Sensory Profiling and consulting
Family Sensory Profiling and guidance
Career Guidance (using Sensory profiling as a valuable assessment tool on your checklist towards making optimal career choices)

Estelle is a registered Occupational Therapist, with over 25 years experience working in the pediatric field. READ MORE

Jonas Occupational Therapists
Jonas Occupational TherapistsAdult Healthcare
(+27) 11 952 3013
Special focus areas:
Vocational Rehab, Coaching, Mental Health and related disorders like auto-immune disease

The team at Jonas Occupational Therapists collectively is skilled in different techniques, and they love to use these to help people to thrive, find themselves, be authentic and love themselves. READ MORE

Work4LifeAdult & Adolescent Healthcare
(+27) 11 421 3190
Special focus areas:
Vocational Rehab, Coaching and Mental Health

At Work4Life, the Occupational Therapists are passionate about empowering people to overcome mental health challenges – particularly in their return to work. They believe every person has a unique skill set and should be equipped and encouraged to reach their full potential. READ MORE