Cheryl Mackinnon, Business Development
T: 073 669 2670

Cheryl has worked for leading organisations such as Assessment Centre Technologies, Thomas International and The Kelly Group. Her background and experience lie in the automotive, FMCG, retail and BPO industries.  She has a passion for developing people through an objective and scientific approach. This enables organisations to understand, realise and develop the full potential of their staff by giving them the tools to raise people’s self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence.  She believes it starts with the man in the mirror – knowing oneself is half the battle won when working in the corporate sphere.

Cheryl’s purpose is to enhance and grow the engagement of people in organisations.  It’s about partnering with a client, identifying the people challenges they face and then drawing from a resource pool of experts, to ultimately find the most practical and profitable solutions. These solutions are based on the objective, scientific, holistic and quantitative measurement of people and job functions.