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Your brain is your biggest asset

”It is thousand times more powerful than the worlds most powerful computer…and it’s all yours!” Tony Buzan The top part of your brain is called the cortex, it can be described as the CEO of your brain. It is responsible for all your executive functions of thinking and doing. When cut through, the middle and [...]

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The auditory sense

The AUDITORY sense is a primary sense we use on a daily basis to process information from the environment. It is vital for communication, interaction and performance. * Our ears are “switched on” 24/7... * We live and work in “sound polluted” environments... * We do not know what "quiet" sounds like anymore... People with [...]

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Sensory Intelligence® and stress: When is too much too much?

We are bombarded by information from our environment on a daily basis. The human brain reacts to this information in a particular way and on certain levels, depending on: * in-born neurological threshold * general health and wellness * type and intensity of the information Levels of reaction to the environment:  1. I’m Ok A [...]

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Sensory Intelligence® – Why it matters more than EQ and IQ

Well, then why does it matter more?  Read the book to get the full picture. In a nutshell: Sensory intelligence (SIQ) refers to the senses as the primitive, unconscious gateway through which emotion (EQ) and cognition (IQ) receive their information in order to feel, behave, think, act and perform. It’s all in the brain; the [...]

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Our beloved vuvuzela – A Sensory Intelligence® perspective

Our vuvuzela, the “African Horn” became a proudly South African icon during our momentous World Cup Soccer!  This piece of (mostly) plastic has done what many leaders, organisations, people, groups, institutions, legislation, and many others failed to do for years.  It pulled our nation into a unity as never seen before – wow, that is [...]

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The beach: Sensory haven or nightmare?

The blowing wind and sea sand... stimulate the touch sensors The sound of the sea, waves and people... stimulate the hearing sensors The smells of the sea, suntan lotion, kelp... stimulate the smell sensors Put this all together for a sensory root (the super-sensitive souls in our lives)... The result... sensory overload, crying, whining, tantrums... [...]

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Seriously starting to blog

I’ve crumbled under the social media frenzy and am starting to blog seriously.  I've written many things over the years, but we will now call it official "blogging". I am proudly Gen X and think it totally absurd when someone posts their breakfast content on Facebook!  Really – please get a life.  However, I am [...]

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Living in sensory overload

We are surrounded by millions of sensory messages on a daily basis.  There is always so much to do in so little time.  Our schedules are crazy and we battle to filter through all the noise of the modern world.  Time has certainly become the most precious commodity.  I always ask – how do we [...]

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Five lessons Sensory Intelligence® taught me

When I reflect on my sensory intelligence journey which started in 2002, I have learned so much, and would like to share that with you.  The following 5 lessons stand out for me as it contributed to our vision and mission in sensory intelligence: 1. People are complex, yet so different and unique.  If we [...]

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Christmas – a time to rest, reflect and recharge?

I love Christmas time. We can close the office without any guilt (most of our clients do too anyway), sit and read books, see good movies, clean out those cupboards and spaces that accumulated throughout the year and above all, spent time with family and friends. We become a lot more connected to ourselves, people [...]

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