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Five tips for thinking creatively as a critical business strategy

We run regular one-day workshops for call center executives, corporate teams and leaders about sensory processing and its influence on behavior, performance, teamwork and wellness. I ask for feedback from every single person that goes through our hands and I do take their feedback seriously. A few months back, particular feedback kept me awake at [...]

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“I don’t have time”

Being too busy and having no time have become this ridiculously insane norm which leaves us all flustered, stressed, angry, irritable and tired.  This is relevant across all contexts – in your home, with your family, friends and colleagues.  This is not a contest people – the busiest person with the least amount of time [...]

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The alternative to road rage

Our society is in a pressurised and stressed spiral! Health insurance companies are seeing a significant increase in psychiatric disorders.  People are not coping.  Anger, irritability and depression are rife among South Africans.  The World Health Organisation predicted that depression will be the leading occupational disease of the 21st century, and their predictions are coming [...]

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Goal setting – a must for your therapy toolbox – Dr Annemarie Lombard*

I hated goals! After finishing my 4 years of studies at Stellenbosch University in 1988, I had goals coming through every pore of my body. I just had enough of goals morning, noon and night and I vouched – never again! And I didn’t. I started clinical work with enthusiasm, but not a single goal [...]

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Do women have ego?

I was asked this during dinner conversation recently:  Do women have ego?  My immediate response was “NO, of course not” but it made me think long and hard afterwards.  Was this an answer based on my personal perception or was I reflecting something about womanhood in general? My first, intuitive, gut “NO” response was driven [...]

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Moms and the elusive balancing act

“I want to be a balanced mom, but I just don’t know how!” Does this sound familiar? In the modern busy lifestyle that we lead today, mothers ironically have to juggle their balancing acts more and more. Moms are in constant demand to ensure that all family members are happy and healthy, that their kids [...]

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The silly season – Why you need to stop and smell the roses

Sensory overload and racing against the clock – come up for air and take sensory breaks November has crept up on me, and I find myself running from one end of the city to the other like a headless chicken. When I look at the calendar, and all the activities (exams, sport, marimbas and nativity [...]

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