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Is time management a waste of time?

  Still struggling with time management for yourself and your team?  Feeling overwhelmed by the ‘To Do’ list?  You are not alone.  So perhaps it’s time for a different approach?   One of the most common complaints I hear from managers, is how busy they are and how much work they’ve got to do.  Have [...]

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Easy tips for happy holidays

Summer is here and schools are out, and every one is ready to have a summer holiday. At this time of the year, most people are ready to shut the door on the year that has been. All I have heard over the last few days (from myself as well!) is how people are just hanging [...]

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Strategies for calm and focused classrooms

The ability to remain focused on a particular activity for a required amount of time is no mean feat. Classrooms especially are busy and noisy environments, which lead to many distractions.   Stuart Shanker (a research professor at York University, Toronto) firmly believes that Canadian children do not know what being calm feels like and [...]

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Sensory Play for Pre-Schoolers

There is a huge amount of emphasis on the notion that young children “learn with all their senses”. The reality of our schooling system is that we don’t often provide opportunities for children to engage in free play, nor do we give them enough intentional opportunities to actively use their senses as they explore the [...]

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What is Sensory Intelligence®?

Knowing about your senses (see+hear+touch+taste+smell+move) and how they respond to your daily environment is important and can make a huge difference in your life. How does it work? It is based on primitive, unconscious brain-body responses: Your brain responds to the millions of sensory messages you receive at any given time per day through an [...]

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Your brain is your biggest asset

”It is thousand times more powerful than the worlds most powerful computer…and it’s all yours!” Tony Buzan The top part of your brain is called the cortex, it can be described as the CEO of your brain. It is responsible for all your executive functions of thinking and doing. When cut through, the middle and [...]

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The auditory sense

The AUDITORY sense is a primary sense we use on a daily basis to process information from the environment. It is vital for communication, interaction and performance. * Our ears are “switched on” 24/7... * We live and work in “sound polluted” environments... * We do not know what "quiet" sounds like anymore... People with [...]

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Sensory Intelligence® and stress: When is too much too much?

We are bombarded by information from our environment on a daily basis. The human brain reacts to this information in a particular way and on certain levels, depending on: * in-born neurological threshold * general health and wellness * type and intensity of the information Levels of reaction to the environment:  1. I’m Ok A [...]

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Sensory Intelligence® – Why it matters more than EQ and IQ

Well, then why does it matter more?  Read the book to get the full picture. In a nutshell: Sensory intelligence (SIQ) refers to the senses as the primitive, unconscious gateway through which emotion (EQ) and cognition (IQ) receive their information in order to feel, behave, think, act and perform. It’s all in the brain; the [...]

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Our beloved vuvuzela – A Sensory Intelligence® perspective

Our vuvuzela, the “African Horn” became a proudly South African icon during our momentous World Cup Soccer!  This piece of (mostly) plastic has done what many leaders, organisations, people, groups, institutions, legislation, and many others failed to do for years.  It pulled our nation into a unity as never seen before – wow, that is [...]

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