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Mindfulness or Mind fulness?

Are you out of your mind? You’ve lost track of how many e-mails are in your inbox, the report deadline is looming, you still need to deal with the snappy team member from the morning meeting and your next conference call starts in 5 minutes.  Your mind starts spinning and you start feeling frazzled.  Sound [...]

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Is sitting really the new smoking?

A while ago, a new catch phrase started doing the rounds, namely that ‘sitting is going to be the next smoking’.  And the more I think about it, the more I have to agree - unfortunately!  We all know that smoking is bad for our health.  It’s been linked with cancer, long-term lung disease and [...]

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The tactile sense

The TACTILE (touch) sense is a primary sense we use on a daily basis to process information from the environment. It is vital for communication, interaction and performance. Receptors for the tactile system are located in the skin. It has therefore the widest receptor field of all the senses. We use touch to feel and [...]

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Sensory defensiveness

Sensory defensiveness is the result of aversive or defensive reactions to what most people consider non-irritating sensory stimuli. Due to a low threshold/low tolerance the brain over-responds. It often leads to tension, anxiety, avoidance, stress, anger and even violence. Basic sensations have the potential to put the brain in “high-alert”, which coincides with a stress [...]

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Open plan office dynamics

The trend for the past 35 years in office design is to move towards open plan. It uses space more efficiently and is cost effective. It can be easily reconfigured and reduce construction cost. It further also encourages team work, sharing of information, and is seen as motivational for workers. Nearly three-quarters of U.S and [...]

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A performance management case study

Mrs. X is a loan supervisor of a financial institution. Sensory Intelligence workshops were performed as part of a team building process for their company. Her sensory profile indicated very low thresholds, sensation avoiding traits with sensory overload occurring on a regular basis. She worked in an open plan office environment, in the middle of [...]

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Are your work teams collaborating?

The business world is rapidly changing and our worlds are being turned upside down due to the economic climate. It has never been more crucial for companies to ensure that their teams are effective, can manage the stress of the current climate, are utilised effectively, and can lead with confidence, making relevant and strategic decisions. [...]

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Corporate health and wellness

I attended the Corporate Health and Wellness conference of Knowledge Resources in Johannesburg a few weeks ago. I was also a speaker and my Topic was The Value of Sensory Intelligence for health and wellness in the corporate industry. Here are a few interesting and valuable outcomes I would like to share with you: * Top [...]

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Change and conflict in the workplace

Change in work environments is constant and recurring.  Restructuring of teams, change in business operations and work spaces create uncertainty, stress and resulted performance issues in the workplace. People are different and respond differently to all these changes.  A great and non-threatening way to unpack and understand this and get people to move through these [...]

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Five sensory savvy tips to reduce overload and stress in open plan offices

Sensory neuroscience is understanding the brain and how it contributes to us working and living on a daily basis. Open plan office and call centre environments are traditionally busy, sensory overloaded, noisy with a high activity level. The following are simple, yet effective strategies based on how the senses work in the brain at the [...]

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