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Critical health and wellness issues within call centres

I recently attended a health and wellness conference in Johannesburg as a speaker but also had the opportunity to connect with leading health and wellness experts within the South African context. Some interesting research and findings were shared. A BPeSA event on wellness followed. Top Fortune 500 companies spend more on health and wellness than [...]

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Senses on Call: Our contact centre recruitment product and related legislation

During the past few months I’ve had some interesting conversations and various questions with regards to how Senses on Call fits within the labour law legislations, in particular with employment equity. In order to give you the answers, consideration should be given to the employment equity act, 1998; HPCSA regulations, the Professional board for Occupational [...]

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The 1-2-3 of neuroscience as an impact tool for contact centres

Neuroscience is about understanding the brain. And obviously human brains, as a focus for how we work, learn and live. Animal brains are important too, but we will leave that to the animal experts. People are all about behaviour, and behaviour is all about the brain. Understanding the brain, is understanding behaviour. And understanding behaviour [...]

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