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Sensory ergonomics

"Sen·so·ry” – adj. Pertaining to sensation; That aspect of consciousness resulting from the stimulation of a nerve process beginning at any point in the body and passing through the brain, especially by those stimuli affecting any of the sense organs, as hearing, taste, touch, smell, sight and movement.   “Er·go·om·ics” – n. The study of [...]

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Contact centres: A scary workplace?

By Dr Annemarie Lombard I was looking for the craziest, wildest, busiest, most sensory overloaded and insane work environment ... I clearly found it in the contact centre industry!  The first time I walked into a contact centre I was blown away. Although absolutely electrifying for me, and certainly switching on an extra few brain [...]

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The 1-2-3 of neuroscience as an impact tool for contact centres

Neuroscience is about understanding the brain. And obviously human brains, as a focus for how we work, learn and live. Animal brains are important too, but we will leave that to the animal experts. People are all about behaviour, and behaviour is all about the brain. Understanding the brain, is understanding behaviour. And understanding behaviour [...]

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