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Sensory intelligent tips to get your toddler to eat

Are you struggling to get your child to eat?  This can easily become a very frustrating and stressful experience for both mother and child.  We hope the following tips will take the stress out of eating ...   See - smell - touch - taste This is part of the developmental sequence when learning to [...]

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Healthy habits to build family relationships

Family rituals What are you doing as a family that keeps you together? It can be as simple as hot dogs every Saturday afternoon and pancakes every Sunday night (that is ours – a lot of work on my side, but my boys love it). And the boys do wrestling with Dad Saturday mornings. Family [...]

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Sensory savvy tips for birthday parties

My oldest son, Lukas, turned 9 years old yesterday. We had 13 boys at my house whooshing down the waterslide and giving me the fright of my life. I am not the faint-hearted type but could see myself rushing to the hospital with a broken arm or something. Thanks goodness, after 3 hours of fun [...]

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Back to school – helping your kids to cope

Starting a new standard and/or new school in January is often a huge transition which leaves many children anxious, stressed and tearful. Be mindful that this is a reality, a little bit like you going to to your first day at a new job. It is daunting and we do not know what to expect. [...]

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Eleven nutrition pointers for super healthy kids

Follow these super smart nutrition for super healthy kids:   ALWAYS eat breakfast. Even one teaspoon of porridge, muesli, smoothie or one fruit, is better than nothing at all. Attempt to add plain white yogurt sweetened with fresh pureed fruit or honey daily to breakfast. Discourage eating sweetened, colored and flavored yogurts. Encourage drinking water. [...]

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A snapshot guide for expectant mothers

Congratulations!  If this is your first baby, read carefully; if you have been through this before, just keep on reading to remind yourself of that crazy time and tap yourself on the back for surviving it without becoming an alcoholic, spending time in jail for misconduct or constant hysteria. Being a parent and especially a [...]

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The ethics of trademarks and copyright

"Sensory Intelligence" started in my head in 2000 after I returned from living in the USA for 3 years.  After loads of thinking, reading, more thinking and more reading I chose the name, opened my bank account and produced my first business cards.  Our google searches in 2002 showed no references to Sensory Intelligence in [...]

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Overloaded brain circuits: The war on attention

Demands, tasks and deadlines have increased the daily frenzied distractions we are faced with in a 21st century workplace. Our brain circuits have become overloaded and we use all our energy to simply survive, doing as much as we can, as fast as we can and as best as we can, yet we don't always [...]

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Seriously starting to blog

I’ve crumbled under the social media frenzy and am starting to blog seriously.  I've written many things over the years, but we will now call it official "blogging". I am proudly Gen X and think it totally absurd when someone posts their breakfast content on Facebook!  Really – please get a life.  However, I am [...]

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Living in sensory overload

We are surrounded by millions of sensory messages on a daily basis.  There is always so much to do in so little time.  Our schedules are crazy and we battle to filter through all the noise of the modern world.  Time has certainly become the most precious commodity.  I always ask – how do we [...]

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