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Contact centres: A scary workplace?

By Dr Annemarie Lombard I was looking for the craziest, wildest, busiest, most sensory overloaded and insane work environment ... I clearly found it in the contact centre industry!  The first time I walked into a contact centre I was blown away. Although absolutely electrifying for me, and certainly switching on an extra few brain [...]

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Corporate health and wellness

I attended the Corporate Health and Wellness conference of Knowledge Resources in Johannesburg a few weeks ago. I was also a speaker and my topic was "The Value of Sensory Intelligence for Health and Wellness in the Corporate Industry".  Here are a few interesting and valuable outcomes I would like to share with you: Top Fortune [...]

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Change and conflict in the workplace

Change in work environments is constant and recurring.  Restructuring of teams, change in business operations and work spaces create uncertainty, stress and resulted performance issues in the workplace. People are different and respond differently to all these changes.  A great and non-threatening way to unpack and understand this and get people to move through these [...]

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Five sensory savvy tips to reduce overload and stress in open plan offices

Sensory neuroscience is understanding the brain and how it contributes to us working and living on a daily basis. Open plan office and call centre environments are traditionally busy, sensory overloaded, noisy with a high activity level.  The following are simple, yet effective strategies based on how the senses work in the brain at the [...]

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Our beloved vuvuzela – A Sensory Intelligence® perspective

Our vuvuzela, the “African Horn” became a proudly South African icon during our momentous World Cup Soccer!  This piece of (mostly) plastic has done what many leaders, organisations, people, groups, institutions, legislation, and many others failed to do for years.  It pulled our nation into a unity as never seen before – wow, that is [...]

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The beach: Sensory haven or nightmare?

The blowing wind and sea sand... stimulate the touch sensors The sound of the sea, waves and people... stimulate the hearing sensors The smells of the sea, suntan lotion, kelp... stimulate the smell sensors Put this all together for a sensory root (the super-sensitive souls in our lives)... The result... sensory overload, crying, whining, tantrums... [...]

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Reducing sensory overload for moms, babies and toddlers

For mothers with small babies: * Rest when your baby sleeps. You need it, deserve it and will be a better mother as a result!* Take time out to de-stress: read, watch a movie, shop, go for a massage, etc. And do not feel guilty; raising children is a demanding task, you need and deserve [...]

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Boosting your child’s motor development and learning

Children learn through movement and experiencing their worlds in a three dimensional format.  Movement is the most important building block for learning, concentration, language and academic skills. Please, please, please send your children outside as much as possible for play. Our children are movement deprived with a range of secondary health and learning issues. Although [...]

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Tips for improving your child’s concentration

Eye contact If you need your child’s attention, look him/her in the eyes and give the necessary instruction when you are sure you have his/her attention. You will be far more successful in getting the outcome you want.  Ask them to repear the instructions to ensure they have listened to you. Move Movement is one [...]

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Sensory activities for learning and fun

Limit TV or computer time.  It is passive visual learning only and impact on our children’s learning and development. olidays. I got a great idea from a friend last week; my 8-year old play station time is matched with reading. For every book that he reads and writes or draw a short version of the [...]

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