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Reducing Teacher Stress and Burnout

With just over 8 weeks to go to the end of the school year, teachers are heading into a very stressful and emotional time. Teacher burnout, which happens due to stress and mental fatigue happening more often than not, hits many teachers yearly. Stress and burnout drain the very joy and essence of teaching, and [...]

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Strategies for calm and focused classrooms

The ability to remain focused on a particular activity for a required amount of time is no mean feat. Classrooms especially are busy and noisy environments, which lead to many distractions.   Stuart Shanker (a research professor at York University, Toronto) firmly believes that Canadian children do not know what being calm feels like and [...]

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Sensory Play for Pre-Schoolers

There is a huge amount of emphasis on the notion that young children “learn with all their senses”. The reality of our schooling system is that we don’t often provide opportunities for children to engage in free play, nor do we give them enough intentional opportunities to actively use their senses as they explore the [...]

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End of year teacher stress

Christmas is around the corner and the last school term is rushing along, placing loads of stress and pressure on our teachers and children. We need to finish this year on a high note. In the world of education, teachers probably play the most important role in preparing our children for the world of work. [...]

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