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  • WHAT IS SENSES ON CALL E-PROFILING? Senses on Call is an innovative, unique, and cost-effective recruitment and managment tool for
  • Contact centres are one of the fastest growing industries globally and are traditionally competitive, busy and a sensory overloaded environment.
  • The reality of today is that the working world has become a chaotic environment. It is filled with endless meetings,
  • The world we live in is changing rapidly and so is the way that children are growing up. Teachers and


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What is Sensory Intelligence®?

Sensory intelligence® is all about rethinking the way we work, learn and live. It’s about transforming and adapting our mindset to better understand how sensory messages affect our lives. Our world is getting more complex by the day, with our senses being bombarded from all directions. This overstimulation has affected our productivity more than we realise. Sensory Intelligence® Consulting wants to change this through insights of how the human brain processes sensory messages. We promote self-understanding and assist individuals to increase their performance, concentration and incorporate wellness strategies to be more healthy and balanced. Our training courses and e-profiling products provide simple, yet powerful insights, resulting in a better understanding of each other in order to work together in a cohesive manner and produce successful outcomes.

By implementing practical strategies based on neuroscience, we can change the way we work, learn and live to become more balanced and productive.

Sensory Intelligence® has 3 core focus areas: 

Senses on Call - E-Profiling, workshops and sensory audits for the contact centre industry
Senses at Work - E-Profiling, workshops and sensory audits for corporate companies
Senses in Education - Workshops for parents and teachers

We are unique in that we provide neuroscience and researched methodology to optimise people and space. We consider the lower, intuitive and unconscious part of how the brain works and how it influences our behaviour and performance. No other provider works in this way and those who address training and recruitment work from a cognitive, upper brain level.

Dr Annemarie Lombard is the Founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting, has a PhD in Health Sciences (UCT) and is a registered Occupational Therapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Read her full profile or view her blog.

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